Metropolitan Group (2014) and E-Digits (2006) are registered businesses in Canada. Both companies are owned by Mr. Abdul Rashid, who have over 30 years experience, education and training from 5 countries. The MG is dedicated for

Business Consulting, Perks Benefits, Career Services, Education Services, Computer Services, Quick Delivery Services and Humsafar Community Service

These services are available through three portals.


I am pleased to inform you that Metropolitan Group is ready to appointment reps and agents on the terms and conditions as attached documents.   Mainly you will be responsible for...


COOPS STUDENTS, TRAINERS, TECHNICIAN AND RESELLING PARTNERS REQUIRED TERMS AND CONDITIONS  Rashid Hi-Tech Business Services Perks Prizes and Benefits Program Finance, Tax Mortgage Business Services, Career site, Recruitment and Selection, Temporary...


Contact  Abdul Rashid, MBAECM, MBA, MIS, CHRM, BA, DIP Chairman 3406 Swallow Dale Ct. Mississauga, L4T 2T9, Phone: 2892420233 customerservice@e-digits.com abdulrashid@e-digits.com You can also meet us at facebook, linkedin, twitter, youtube....

Products and Services

The main products and services are:

Business Services Center

Call center, Customer Support, Secretarial Services, Building Operations and Business Management


This sections provides Private Benefits with prizes

Study International

This section is dedicated for Education Consulting, Live tuition and training, offering school college education abroad

Quick Delivery Services

This section of for letters and parcels deliveries, local GTA and national, international

Career International

This section is dedicated for Career Counseling, Recruiting, HR Services

The Humsafar provides Community Services (zero budget)

The E-Digits is dedicated for Computer Services. This company focuses on E-Commerce, E-Media, E-Training and E-Support

Business and Technology Management

We are expert in business and technology management.


Business Agents Required

October 27, 2018 Launching Perks, Careers, Rides-parcels-Shopping, Education Services, E-Digits and Humsafar. Work from home and earn money.  You need, hi-speed laptop, internet.   Highly paid commission structure available.   Email us your interest.  Websites:  metrohitech.com,  tajars.ca,  e-digits.com I am pleased to inform you that Metropolitan Group ready to appointment reps and agents on the...


Our team is consist of owners, agents, representatives and associates.

PHONE 289 242 0233

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