Promotional Enrollment $50 only

Uniquely designed private benefits programs for secure income, sudden wins, leasing, financing, education assistance or any other house and business needs!  You can contribute for any one and nominate any one as a beneficiary

Minimum price for locals C$100 X 3 Units = C$300 Perks Prize Ticket $5,  $10 and $20.  The 90% of sale is allocated for prizes

  • Perks Benefits for monthly income, retirement or any other household needs  $100 per unit
  • Perks Education Assistance for tuition training, scholarships, text books day care  $100 per unit
  • Perks Incentives for leasing, financing, health care or similar needs $100 per unit
  • Perks Pay for payroll processing  $25.00
  • Perks Transfer for payroll transferring $25.00
  • Perks Advance for payroll advance $25.00
  • Minimum price for foreign Perks C$50.00 per month


Online Purchase Order, written applications, Terms and Conditions   Agreement, copies of two government issued photo id

Click on Shop then Perks to Enroll