Tajars Business Services

We provide wide range of business consulting services, such as;

  • Business Registrations, licenses, work permits
  • Business place lease, finance, accommodations,
  • health test, business marketing
  • Business Promotions, plans budgets, estimates, analysis
  • Business Data Processing
  • Business Documents Processing
  • Translations
  • Attestations, Equivalency and Evaluations
  • Notary Public

We will be happy to assist you in any business matters such as;

  • Business Plans
  • Buy and Sell
  • Lease, Finance, Budget
  • Marketing, Outsourcing
  • Visa Documents, passport documents, health cards, PR Cards or any other work permits.

The Career International and Study international are most attractive functions of our tajars services section. Therefore,

We also have services of Lawyers and Immigration Consultants incase you need any advice or immigration.

We online business hub at tajars.ca. You list your products for buying and selling direct at that portal.

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