Best software solution for Buildings Operations, Front Desk Management, Security Administration and Maintenance. You can easily manage;   CLIK HERE FOR DEMO   CLICK HERE FOR SHOPPING

  • Assets, Units, Parkings, Lockers
  • Owners and Residents
  • Agents and Agenicies
  • Amenities Bookings
  • Front Desk Functions
  • Security Functions
  • Maintenance and Contractors Administraiton
  • Accounts Management


Buy and Sell Anything related to facilities; products, services, show tickets, transit tickets, sports tickets, real estate, rental, buy or sell and many more

Extended Features

  • Live Chat, Virtural Communication
  • Email, News Letters, SMS
  • Events Management
  • Advertisements

We can further extend features and functions according to your requirements.

Price Plans

Associate serviceS $50 per hr


You can lease this software and perform your work by using out sub domain

associate services per month $3500?

You can hire our associate on monthly basis to do your job,  our deidcated associate can work from your or out location.

full purchase of concierge softweare $5000 ?

You can buy this software, with custom domain, installation, customization, upgrades and technical support. and do your work yourself

Internet based solutions, 24/7 shopping, secure payments, from you and your clients, fully automotic


This software is best for rentals and tickets sale, plus facilities management

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