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The Metropolitan Group offers international education and training programs. At present it is offering career training for programs for Business computers and English. The Programs are offered live, by using its live class rooms service.

Mission of the Academy

The Academy provides students centered, quality education, tuition and training. The Academy strives to enable its students to reach high level of achievement, acquire knowledge, skills and value they need to contribute to their community and their employers.

The following programs and courses are being offered

  • a. Short Courses – offered as per rules and regulations of Canada
  • b. Certificate courses – as per rules and regulations in Pakistan
  • c. Diploma Courses and as per rules and regulations in Pakistan
  • Certifications preparation courses as per rules and regulations in Pakistan and Canada

Refer to programs and courses for details on each program and course.

The Metropolitan intends to offer regular school colleges programs and courses of Canada and the country of offering; through partnership institutions.

Primary School Education

  • Pre and After School, KG1-2, Dare Care (2 year)
  • Grade 1 – 5 Education (5 Year)

Middle School Education

  • Grade 6-8 Education (3 year)

Secondary School Education (Equal to Level A and Higher Secondary)

Grade 9-12 Education (3 years)

College Education

  • Career Training, short courses, certificate and Diploma Programs, Language Training
  • Vocational Training
  • Undergraduate Programs and Courses (after approvals)
  • Graduate Programs and Courses (after approvals)


Abdul Rashid, MBAECM, MBA, MIS, CHRM, BA, DIP, Chairman

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