This is a complete website with LMS for Online College. Any college or can buy or use this solution. You only need to add ask us to add programs and courses of your college. All teachers and students have to have user names.

Click on for see its website. Thee fee of using the system is very nominal C$30 Per course per student plus 5-10% of fee portion charged on each enrolment.

Teach your students online using our portal. Our portal is quite flexible to accommodate any curriculum any language. You just need to create your courses and enroll your students.

Sign Up Teachers, Enter Programs and Courses, Enroll Students and Teachers, select payment options, assign teachers and give schedule to your students. Teachers are to enter lessons, courses outlines, etc. The portal can track progress, fees, grades.

The portal also has forums for group discussions, sharing documents among students, teachers and management. It also has digital video, text and audio chats, group chat of WhatsApp and Zoom.

Our user fees is very nominal $10 per courses per students/teacher. In case you hire our program coordinators, then salary of the staff will also be charged to clients. Contact customer support by using support ticket

We are in the process of completing portal for our own students, that will be announced as soon as it is ready.

Complete College Project

This project is also open to investment for constructions of a complete college building with necessary classrooms and equipment. The units are investments are available to shop from Investors Relations. Minimu 7-15% return is given to investors each year. Once the projects is ready, return will be calcuated on profit sharing basis.

Units of Investments

C$1000C$50000C$10,000Return 7-15% per year
C$50,000C$100,000500,000100% cashable
Funds are backed by insurance and written agreement


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