Education Services Associate


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Education Services Associate

Our Associates work on hourly basis, as well as monthly basis.  They are capable to work from your or our locations.  In the later scenario we use cloud technology for communications such as call center, portals, phone, video phones, sms, email, letters, fax, etc.  In case of working from remote locations, you need to setup a computer with cameras, internet, micro phone  in your location.  We can also setup a small security camera at a small fee with your computer/network for communication.  They work accordingly to your schedules 24/7.

Students Services

  • Study Abroad Consulting
  • Programs, Country, Fees, Accommodations, Search
  • Admissions, Registrations
  • Customer Service
  • Call Answering,
  • Digital Marketing
  • Accommodation Arrangements
  • Orientations
  • Graduation Ceremonies
  • Cooperation Programs

Education Services

We are expert in personnel, admin, registrar office services of institutions.

  • Government Relations
  • Programs Coordination, Students Progress,  Records
  • Degrees and Transcripts, SIS  Coordination
  • Curriculum Dispatch, Text Books, Uniforms Supply

Examinations Services

  • Test and Examinations preparation
  • Invigilation
  •  Rolls, Centers Allocations
  • Results Compaliation
  • Assignments, Research, Projects



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