English Language Skills



The following English Courses are offered by us either online, or face to face one to one to group class settings.  Each courses has a fee of $500, each level completes in one semester.  (Each Level has $500 Fee)

Foundations  Courses and Teaching Hours

Level – 1 Basic English

Basic Listening, Speaking and Grammar
Basic Reading, Writing and Vocabulary
Basic Pronunciation and Spelling
Basic Listening and Speaking Lab
Basic Reading and Writing Lab
Total: 45 hours


Level 2 – Pre-Intermediate

  • Pre-Intermediate Listening, Speaking and Grammar
    Pre-Intermediate Reading, Writing and Vocabulary
    Pre-Intermediate Pronunciation and Spelling
    Pre-Intermediate Listening and Speaking Lab
    Pre-Intermediate Reading and Writing Lab
    Total: 45

Level – 3 Intermediate

  • Intermediate Listening, Speaking and Grammar
    Intermediate Reading, Writing and Vocabulary
    Intermediate Pronunciation and Spelling
    Intermediate Listening and Speaking Lab
    Intermediate Reading and Writing Lab
    Total: 45

Level – 4 Advanced

  • Advance Reading, Writing, Vocabulary and Grammar 12
    Advance Listening, Notetaking and Speaking 6
    Advance Business Communication 3
    Advance Listening and Speaking Lab 2
    Advance Reading and Writing Lab 2
    Total: 45

Level 5 – English for Academic Purposes

  • Computer Communication and Data Presentations
  • Business Communication
  • TOEFL, IBT Level1, IBT Level 2, IBT, Level 3
  • IELTS, TES, SAT, TEFL Preparation Courses



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