Metropolitan Group (2014) and E-Digits (2006) are a registered businesses in Canada. Both companies are owned by Mr. Abdul Rashid, who have over 30 years experience and education and training from 5 countries. He focuses on Business and Technology.
The MG is dedicated for
a. Business Services,
b. Education Services
c. Computer Services
d. Online Tajars.ca
e. Humsafar Community Services


  Perks ·          Perks Prize Benefits ·          Business Services ·          Payroll and Benefits ·          Tax Finance, Mortgage Education and Training Academy – Live!...


CAREER OPPORTUNITIES COOPS STUDENTS, TRAINERS, TECHNICIAN AND RESELLING PARTNERS REQUIRED  Rashid Hi-Tech Business Services @ metrohitech.com and rashidgroups.com Perks Prizes and Benefits Program Business Services, Career site, Recruitment and Selection, Temporary...


Contact  Abdul Rashid, MBAECM, MBA, MIS, CHRM, BA, DIP Chairman 3406 Swallow Dale Ct. Mississauga, L4T 2T9, Phone: 437 996 0300 customerservice@e-digits.com abdulrashid@e-digits.com You can also meet us at facebook, linkedin,...

Products and Services

The Mg provides Perks Private Benefits, education consulting, live tuition and training, Online Tajars and Humsafar

E-Digits Computer Services

Business and Technology

Business and Tehnology consulting




Business Agents Required

October 27, 2018 Launching Perks, Careers, Online Tajars, Study Abroad, E-Digits and Humsafar  Websites:  metrohitech.com,  tajars.ca,  e-digits.com  We provide uniquely designed business and technology solutions!  Perks Benefits Perks benefits for income, leasing, financing, prizes, scholarships loans Finance Tax and Mortgage Services Career Services Recruiting, Temporary Workers Business Documents Processing Facilities Management Academy –...

PHONE 289 242 0233

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