Humsafar Politics, farms and foods, community health, trade training, trade shops, community protection community jobs, family development


  1. Business and Industry – Owned by Government or Joint Ventures
  2. Strong Economic, Finance, Banking
  3. Excellent Human Services
  4. Excellent National Security and Defence
  5. Independent, well paid Police, Security and Peace Keeping Forces
  6. Excellent Learning and Development
  7. Research Science Technology Innovation
  8. Community Development, Masjid and Madrasas, Cities Development
  9. Labor, Health and Safety Standard
  10. Honest, Politics, rules and regulations
  11. Quick and easy Justice
  12. Green Environment and Energy
  13. Excellent Health Care and Pharma
  14. Excellent International Relations
  15. Rural and Northern Development
  16. Affordable Communication Systems
  17. Transports, Roads, Rails, Rivers, Ocean, Air and related facilities
  18. City Planning, Engineering Design
  19. Agriculture, Natural Resources
  20. News Immigrations and Citizenship Programs
  21. Independent  Paid Media
  22. Reserve Funds and Emergency Services
  23. Maintenance and Procurement

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