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Metrohitech Business Center

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Business Automation, E-Commerce, Professional Training
Business, Finance, Education and IT Consulting


Computer Media

Computer, Electronics, Appliance
Photo, Video, Graphics
Phone, Internet, IPTV
CCTV, Network
Web Hosting
Repair, Live Help

I Talk News

Live News and Talk Show

Live News and Talk Shows
Conferences, Forums, Net Meeting
Stores, Hobbies, Life, Science Feature Trends


School College Foundation
Online Study Program

Pakistan Curriculum, Kachi to Grade 12
BA/MA of Punjab University
Especially designed portal of resident and overseas Pakistani

We are looking for representatives, online school and college teachers in Pakistan, Canada and Middle East

Metro School Online

Online School Service

Teach you Student on our portal
$10 per course/student

We are looking for representatives

Metrohitech College

Online College Service

Teach your students on our portal
$10 per course/student

We are lookin for representatives local and abroad

Maskan Real Estates


We are looking for real Estates agents and representatives in Canada-Dubai-Pakistan

We are also looking for land owners, builders and designing partners


Private Benefits

We are looking for representatives in Canada and Pakistan


Rides and Delivery

Canada and Pakistan
We are looking for carriers and coordinators

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