Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 64 bit OEM

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Fast and powerful, Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 64 bit OEM is the most advanced version of the operating system designed for PCs, laptops, tablets and hybrid devices. It supports all the features of Windows 10 Home, but it provides additional functions that you will find more than useful for small or medium businesses. This version allows you to control devices and applications effectively, protects critical data, ensures that remote and mobile scripts are working flawlessly, and makes the most of cloud technology. Among the other advantages of Windows 10 Professional 64 bit, such as Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) and Windows Update for Business, professional users will certainly appreciate integrated enterprise-class security features to protect the most sensitive information. Whether you own a small business or a fast-growing company, purchase Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 64 bit from ITFactory. ca to improve and fasten your everyday operations. The most powerful platform in history Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 64 bit OEM is your partner in all busy day office operations and its new exciting features are designed to make your work faster. You will also enjoy the advanced features of the new system, such as a brand new browser for convenient browsing experience. It just works: Windows 10 Professional edition has all the options to which you are accustomed to, only much better. Technologies such as Instant Go1, accelerate downloads and resuming, as well as built-in security features make this system works better than ever before, and protects your device from malware. Do everything at the same time: Perform a variety of tasks at the same time as the consummate master of his craft, using four applications on one screen at a time. Overflowing the screen? Create virtual desktops to get more space and use only what you need. Continuum: Windows 10 is able to synchronize your actions across all used devices. Controls on the screen change dynamically, making it e


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