Business and Finance Center

Tajars is a business and finance center of Metropolitan Group. Public can also list their products and services to buy and sell online.  Simply create your accounts as Vendor;  You can buy and sell, onlinc clinic, open learning center.  The Center has a features of forums, Bookings, appointments, chat and video chat with clients.  You can also show your products and services live to public and share on social media is automatic.

The Tajars has following products and services:

Products and Services

Business Services Financial Services Perks Private Benefits
Business Registration, Permits and Licenses, Plans, Budgets, translations, attestations, equivalency and evaluation Accounting, Tax, Finance, Mortgage Income Protection and Prize Programs
C$25 to 500
Quick Rides and Delivery C$60 Projects Funds Management Real Estates Investments
GTA Rides and Delivery Services, check out for freights and cargos. We have idented more than 50 projects which are viable. You can trust us in management of your projects and funds. We provide minimum 7-15% return on investments. Actual profit and loss is calculated after completion of the projects. Clinic Construction
Maskan Food Mart School Construction
This is our residential and commercial projects for 200 units to 300 units This is a super store project for Humsafar Foundation College Construction
Products and Services are available at

Ask for details sed us support ticket or visit the above website for detailed of projects.2

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